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High Distinction Consulting, LLC acknowledges that today's organizations grapple with numerous workplace challenges. From law enforcement personnel and corrections officials to politicians, CEOs, and human resources leaders, individuals across various roles invest significant hours in navigating the complexities of interpersonal relationships. Contrary to prevailing beliefs, leadership development often falls short of being inspirational, and poor leadership frequently leads to mental and occupational risks, resulting in unsafe working conditions. Developing the essential competencies for effective leadership is a demanding undertaking that demands dedication and effort. Our firm respects the expertise of our clients and, therefore, approaches our role from a customer's perspective.

Our goal

High Distinction Consulting, LLC was established by Dr. Tommy Davis during the Coronavirus epidemic to address the evolving challenges in the workplace and promote positive leadership practices. In an era where organizations are grappling with management issues that disillusion employees and hinder productivity, High Distinction Consulting offers guidance grounded in scientific evidence, particularly principles from the field of neurology, as well as enduring principles of leadership. Dr. Davis earned his Doctor of Philosophy in Organizational Leadership with the distinction of "High Distinction" from Carolina University. With extensive experience in senior leadership roles across various sectors, including manufacturing, non-profit organizations, corrections/law enforcement (as a trauma chaplain), and healthcare (specializing in environmental hygiene and epidemiology), Dr. Davis recognized the pressing need to assist organizations in reevaluating and refining their management approaches.


Our firm acknowledges that our clients are experts in their respective fields. We assume the role of both the customer and the governed to extract relevant information that can enhance the profession. Research spanning over two decades has revealed that many managers struggle to effectively respond to the emotions of their employees, leading to failures in managing workplace relationships. Leadership is a multifaceted concept expressed in various ways. To be a leader is to hold a position of governance, and how one carries out the responsibilities of leadership depends on the specific context in which they lead.

High Distinction Consulting, LLC embraces the notion that leadership traits significantly influence the atmosphere within a governed entity. Effective leaders, therefore, have the capacity to emotionally impact those under their authority, leading to more significant outcomes. Every human action is guided by a set of principles, which in turn shape decisions that impact others. It's important to note that virtually every workplace challenge can be traced back to some form of leadership deficiency. While this deficiency may not always signify poor leadership, it does call for attention and a focus on improvement areas.

What Sets Us Apart




Our Expert Leader


Dr. Davis is a member of the American College of Healthcare Executives, the Association of Professionals in Infection Control,

the International Epidemiological Association, and is an editorial advisor at Infection Control Today magazine.

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Tommy Davis, PhD, ACHE, APIC, BLS

CEO & Principal Officer

Leadership requires an act of the will.

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